Solutions for climate-efficient and digital real estate

As a solution provider, we jointly design the products for your digital and climate-friendly business models.

The PLatform
We create value and competitive advantage

The modular structure of the platform allows a variety of use cases and gives you the freedom to think big or small. No matter if you only want to add value to a property or your product or if you want to position yourself with completely new and digital service business models.

The ROCKETHOME Property Management Platform combines modules in the areas of applications, buildings, energy and service. Together with our partners, we use climate and digital modules to create forward-looking and attractive properties. For providers, customers, users and operators, we offer a wide range of modules for attractive living and working environments, CO2 reduction, service environments and interaction in single-family houses, residential properties and districts as well as commercial properties.

Operators and providers: With our modules you design your real estate and customer projects in B2C as well as B2B channels. You decide on the business model.

The district

Your solution for green residential real estate

Our solutions for the housing industry and project development.

Quarter consisting of several houses.
The single-family house

Efficient energy solutions for single-family homes

Efficient energy solutions for single-family homes

A section of a single-family house with a large glass front through which you can see inside the house.
The Commercial Building

Commercial buildings made smart

Our solutions for property managers and developers in the commercial real estate sector.

A large industrial park perspective from above.

The operating system for real estate: We create new worlds of experience

Want to learn more about our Property Management platform and get to know the different components in detail? Learn more here:

Develop your individual solution with the Kick Start program

Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of customer journey, business model development, apps & UX design, IoT cloud, connectivity & hardware, analytics and security audits – everything a smart product needs.

Develop your individual Smart Building- or CleanTech product with us to fit your target group. Our expertise is to connect your core business with new digital experiences and sustainable business models. From the first idea to the launch, we accompany you through all phases of product development and together we surprise your customers with innovative services that simply inspire – daily and reliably.

  • 1. workshop
    Your first idea – with us and our methods
    2. prototyping
    The first feeling with a real IoT product
    3. testing
    Continuous revision & proof of concept
    4. launch
    Market entry and agile roadmap
Your first idea - worked out with us
The first feeling with a real IoT product
Continuous revision & proof of concept
Market entry and agile roadmap