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Efficient energy solutions

With our solutions for single-family homes, we create transparency and energy management for your customers. Use the Property Manager platform to implement innovative solutions in the areas of home energy, dynamic tariffs and energy add-ons (incl. store and processing).

Solution for single family houses
Our products in the home energy sector

We create opportunities for you to open up new business areas and support you in transforming your business into a sustainable, digital and socially responsible future. We supply the technology, operate it and develop it further together with you.

  • Home Energy: With the HEMS hub and the property management platform, you create the link between your energy services such as PV, storage, heat pumps and charging stations and your target groups. Customers use intelligent energy management, your tariffs and benefit from you as an innovative home energy service provider.
  • Dynamic tariffs: Consume electricity when wind turbines and PV systems are producing in Europe and electricity is particularly climate-friendly and cheap. We integrate exchange electricity prices via the ENERGY API, visualize them and send customers signals.
  • Energy add-ons: Create simple added value with (self) installation products. We offer you a store, hardware and software - you offer an attractive product range.

Our product packages. The right offer for your needs.

We have put our product together in suitable packages for you. Whether home energy management systems paired with dynamic tariffs, comodity app solutions for consumption visualization or energy solutions in districts - we have the right product for your challenge. Take the first step towards the future.

Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

Our HEMS package enables the control and optimization of energy generators and consumption points through a HEMS gateway, third-party HEMS system integrations and cloud devices for the integration of e-cars and heat pumps.

Home Energy App (Commodity/Non-Commodity)

The Home Energy App package provides a focused offering for commodity and non-commodity customers with tariff visualization (static and dynamic), app marketplace, communication, service and document storage.

E-commerce and marketing automation

With this package, we offer you digital marketplaces and e-commerce solutions including marketing sites, stores, lead generation and CRM systems. It also includes billing, fulfillment and process integration.

Energy modernization (on the basis of EDL)

This package is a product that acts as an interface to the housing industry. Offer your energy services such as PV systems or charging infrastructure combined with our digital platform and white label app. The package comprises a holistic concept for existing buildings, including implementation and provision of the platform.

Energy solutions and EMS for real estate

The comprehensive energy service package also offers solutions for real estate. It includes PV installations, tenant electricity, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, intelligent heating optimization and a digital platform for effective energy management. We offer you seamless and efficient integration into real estate projects.

Energy monitoring, management and analytics

This package gives you an overview of all consumption and production data such as electricity, heat and PV energy as well as heating or other building technology through the integration of energy and system data. We provide you with the relevant apps and dashboards for visualization.

Make your customers fit for the future with the HEMS hub and energy add-ons

The HEMS hub is the basis and central control system and connects all components and modules in the building, such as photovoltaics, e-charging columns, heat pumps, smart homes and more. Energy add-ons offer your customers the option of booking all components individually. The integration of (dynamic) tariffs rounds off the product.

  • Energy add-ons (do-it-yourself approach): Examples include intelligent thermostats, electricity meters or balcony power stations that help to save energy.
  • Energy add-ons (installation products): These include heat pumps, PV, air conditioning, e-charging columns.
  • White label webshop: The products can be offered and sold via our webshop.
  • Dynamic tariffs: Significant savings potential can arise in conjunction with new tariff models.

Clear advantages of the HEMS solution

Extensively networked with the HEMS hub and far ahead of the competition for your customers.

Simple integration

Into your product portfolio and new business models.

Data and process integration

Use of external tariffs, signals and data for optimal energy utilization in the building.

Cross-manufacturer networking

Multi-vendor platform with over 100 integrated partners.

Access via the cloud

For use and automation via app and management via the IoT Property Manager.


Effective CO2 reduction in the building and environmentally conscious use of energy for a greener future thanks to AI engine.

Digital worlds of experience– our app for sustainable automations

Our applications combine the networking and optimization of energy flows and consumers with attractive customer experiences and digital processes. The app can be used standalone or as a complete customer portal with flexible design options and display types depending on the customer group.

Our app offers an intuitive user interface and a visual representation of energy flows for properties. Users can track how energy is generated, stored and consumed in real time. With the ROCKETHOME-HEMS, energy consumption can be easily optimized through personalized recommendations and intelligent automation.

  • Visualization: ‍Energytransparency of all energy flows and display of dynamic tariffs.
  • Signaling: Recommendations and price signals enable customers to use energy cost-effectively and in line with their needs.
  • Optimization: Via the Climate Hub, customers can control and automate energy consumption based on their usage behavior, price signals, flexibility, or generation data.

User benefits of the HEMS app

Creation of an attractive customer world with offers, services and all relevant information.

User benefits of the HEMS app

We offer attractive customer worlds with visualizations, supplementary offers and services.

Cost savings

Save 250-1500 € per year with HEMS through more transparency, control and automation.

CO2 reduction

Effective CO2 reduction in the building and environmentally conscious use of energy for a greener future.


Maximum transparency regarding electricity generation and consumption.


Increase of the self-consumption quota, respectively increase of the self-sufficiency.

Living comfort

More comfort and digital lifestyle with a smart home.

The features for sustainable living

  • Depending on the modules used, your customers will use the following functions:

    Everything in one app
    Offer your customers an app for all energy services
    Transparency and automation (HEMS)
    Conveniently control & automate PV/storage systems, charging stations, heat pumps, heating systems and smart home devices via app
    Dynamic tariff data
    Integration of dynamic tariffs and transparent visualization of costs and savings
    Manual control
    Creation of individual automation rules and schedules for system processes
    System-side optimization
    Intelligent functions such as surplus charging, static charging, heat pump control and heating support for optimum efficiency
    AI algorithms
    Software intelligence from the ROCKETHOME labs and research projects

Clear advantages of the HEMS hub

Extensively networked with the HEMS hub and far ahead of the competition for your customers.

Our integrated offer for energy supply companies or other system integrators

We transform the single-family house into an overall climate-friendly and digital experience. In addition to our Home Energy Management System, we offer further IoT and service functions and help you build attractive customer worlds.

Our ecosystem offers more

Use our comprehensive platform to offer customers and end users even more benefits.

Our ecosystem offers more

Use our comprehensive platform to offer customers and end users even more benefits.

Communication platform

We give you opportunities to connect with customers and users through a collaborative platform.

Directly integrated

We offer comprehensive integrations into your process landscape, such as CRM and billing.

New business models

With us, you have distribution channels with additional products and services.


You can set up service and communication channels, provide contact persons and exchange documents.

White label solution

All applications are available in your own corporate design – for a uniform appearance.

The Property Manager: lean and intuitive management

  • With the Property Manager you design the customer world in the apps, manage the products and your customers.

    Customer management
    Customer databases for clustering and targeted content and offers
    Energy and IoT module management
    Management of devices and assignment to customers. Remote monitoring and sales processes directly from the Property Manager
    Service and added value
    Guest management of the customer interaction world with services, communication, documents, offers and contact persons.
Mockup of a laptop showing the property manager.

Develop the individual solution with the Kick Start program

Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of customer journey, business model development, apps & UX design, IoT cloud, connectivity & hardware, analytics and security audits - everything a smart product needs.

Develop your individual smart building- or clean tech product with us to fit your target group. Our expertise is to connect your core business with new digital experiences and sustainable business models. From the first idea to the launch, we accompany you through all phases of product development and together surprise your customers with innovative services that simply inspire - daily and reliably.

  • 1. workshop
    Your first idea – with us and our methods
    2. prototyping
    The first feeling with a real IoT product
    3. testing
    Continuous revision & proof of concept
    4. launch
    Market entry and agile roadmap
Your first idea – with us and our methods
The first feeling with a real IoT product
Continuous revision & proof of concept
Market entry and agile roadmap
Our solution for apartment buildings

Our versatile solutions can make residential properties and districts climate-efficient and digital. Get to know our solution for multifamily buildings and districts.

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