Strenger, enercity and ROCKETHOME create sustainable and connected living worlds

enercity and ROCKETHOME support Strenger AG via ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions with regard to energy concepts for real estate projects.

  • Innovative energy infrastructure of housing projects
  • Tenant electricity contributes to decentralized power supply andCO2 reduction
  • Charging points for electric vehicles are an integral part of residential neighborhoods
  • Interconnected residential quarters increase living comfort and enable climate-conscious living

Through their joint venture ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions, enercity and ROCKETHOME support the housing company Strenger in the implementation of sustainable and networked energy concepts for modern housing projects. The scope of services includes the planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems, charging infrastructures, heating solutions, digital worlds of experience for residents, and tenant electricity options. All property-specific offers are mapped by ROCKETHOME on a digital and app-based platform. The networked solutions contribute to climate-friendly living. The energy service provider enercity and the IT service provider ROCKETHOME thus provide all relevant applications for sustainable energy solutions from a single source for the real estate projects. The first projects have already been implemented and others are under construction.

"We are delighted to have found partners in enercity and ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions who not only share our vision of climate-friendly neighborhoods, but who also convince us with comprehensive capabilities and provide us with the solutions and tools to turn these concepts into reality," says Dr. Daniel Hannemann,CEO of the Strenger Group. The CEO of the energy service provider enercity, Dr. Susanna Zapreva, emphasizes: "Modern residential construction makes a decisive contribution to the energy transition in Germany and is more than a potpourri of energy-efficient materials. It is a concept with the goal of keeping the climate mortgage low for future generations."

Tenant electricity allows residents to make an active contribution to the energy transition

Tenant electricity, i.e. electricity generated by photovoltaic systems on the roofs of residential buildings and supplied from there directly to consumers in the respective buildings, is becoming increasingly popular throughout Germany. enercity installs and operates the PV systems on Strenger properties with the consent of the building owner. Tenants have the option of signing an electricity contract and receive electricity from the rooftop photovoltaic system. Even if the system is not producing because the sun is not shining, users receive 100 percent green electricity thanks to enercity. If excess electricity is not used locally for personal consumption, the system feeds it into the general grid for a fee. Due to the solar power generated directly on site, each house can save several tons of carbon dioxide per year. Tenant electricity also eliminates grid fees, grid-side surcharges, electricity tax and the concession fee. The electricity tariff for the customer is more than ten percent below the local basic supply tariff. enercity takes over the planning, construction and operation of the photovoltaic system as well as the supply of electricity to the users of the building. In addition, the roof owners receive an annual roof lease.

Charging infrastructure is part of modern living

The housing concepts also all take into account the increasing need for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. A total of 156 charging points have therefore been installed as part of the project implementations in Ludwigsburg, Dornstadt, Kirchheim unter Teck, Winnenden, Sachsenheim and Hallbergmoos. For the projects under construction in Korntal, Remseck, Augsburg, Ulm, Würzburg and Messel, there will be another 180 or so. At all charging points, residents will be able to draw 100 percent green electricity. Depending on the construction project, a self-sufficiency level of around 25 percent is also envisaged for the charging current. This is ensured at the respective properties thanks to the rooftop photovoltaic application.

Networked applications increase living comfort additionally

The Strenger Group's smart living and smart charging services are technically developed and implemented by ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions. The aim of the joint venture founded by enercity and ROCKETHOME and co-financed by IBG Wolfsburg is to actively shape the digitalization of real estate, neighborhoods and cities as part of the energy transition. The partners combine expertise from the fields of renewable energies, IoT service development and urban mobility. This creates solutions for players in the real estate industry that enable sustainable and climate-conscious living. "The digitalization of real estate will increase rapidly. Our ambition is to make benefits of this development, such as more comfort and efficiency, accessible to as many people as possible - and to make a substantial contribution to climate protection in the process," explains Yüksel Sirmasac, Managing Director of ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions.

For the Strenger Group, the development of sustainable neighborhoods and the associated use of renewable energies are of essential importance for the future. Equally relevant, however, is the offer of smart services for the residents of the residential quarters. Depending on the equipment, they can use the specially developed app not only to control and automate lighting and shutters in their apartments, but also to activate the wallbox and use a digital key for the front door. The first state-of-the-art residential projects have already been realized. Others are both being implemented and planned.


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About enercity - driving force of tomorrow's energy world
Hanover-based enercity AG is a provider of sustainable and intelligent energy solutions. With sales of more than eight billion euros and more than 3,000 employees, the Group is one of Germany's largest municipal energy service providers (as of fiscal year 2022). The company supplies around one million people with electricity, heat, natural gas and drinking water. In addition, enercity offers energy-related services in the areas of electromobility, energy efficiency, decentralized customer solutions, telecommunications and smart infrastructure. enercity's motivation is to improve the quality of life of its customers.
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Maria Betz
Phone: +49.221.88895511

About ROCKETHOME -Revolution in buildings.
As a market leader, we combine unique product expertise in IoT and building connectivity, climate tech, user experiences and innovative business models. In doing so, we bundle all functions of a home energy management system on one platform:
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