Our infrastructure that holds it all together

Our infrastructure and 24/7 operations make the implementation of digital worlds of experience possible.

DiGital architecture
An infrastructure for excellence: Cloud architecture and Connect Program

The infrastructure forms the stable foundation for our solutions. With our multi-cloud architecture and Connect Program, we offer a powerful platform for data management, versatile cloud services and efficient administration. We work with proven suppliers and solutions partners to expand our range of services. We focus on openness and security in technology to provide our customers with the highest quality and a secure environment.

Open structure and security - advantages at a glance

We focus on openness and security in technology.

Multi-client capability

Our software platform is multi-tenant and flexibly customizable to meet individual and commercial needs. With our white label platform you can run multiple applications/products in parallel. 

Comprehensive security

Our data management solution ensures data and access security by using the latest security techniques for software and hardware.

Scalable cloud architecture

Our high-performance cloud architecture is based on the latest technology and grows with increasing requirements. We use load balancers and hardware scaling methods. 

Individually adaptable and capable of integration

Our white label solutions are flexible in design, feature set, and system architecture. Integration of third-party content, data, devices and algorithms is seamless.

Certified and trusted

Our software, hardware and system partners meet all the necessary certifications for secure and stable operation. We are a member of the German Cloud Initiative.

Data management with "HomeRUN OS

At the heart of our cloud platform is the effective data management with "HomeRUN OS". Thanks to this technology, we can perform real-time analyses and interpretations of extensive data. In doing so, we network heterogeneous data from different infrastructures, subsystems and customer processes into a smooth overall system. Based on this data analysis, we offer intelligent functions for a wide range of use cases.

Cloud services and administration systems

Our software platform can either be hosted in an individual IT infrastructure or operated as a managed service from the ROCKETHOME cloud. With the help of a content management system (CMS), editorial content and marketing space can be managed independently. Our administration and CRM backends support support and sales in their daily work.

Proven suppliers and solutions partners

The software platform "HomeRUN OS" has stable interfaces to a large number of experienced partners and suppliers. These complement our range of services and offer expertise in areas such as gateway middleware, embedded middleware, remote meter reading, billing systems and hardware development. Thanks to long-standing partnerships, we can offer our customers reliable and innovative solutions.

Openness and security in technology

We put great emphasis on openness and security in our technology. We actively support the open source movement and use internationally recognized standards. In addition, we meet all common security requirements for software and processes. As a member of numerous organizations on the subject of security and interoperability, we are continuously committed to the highest standards.

Together we shape the buildings and districts of tomorrow

With our certification program, we offer device manufacturers, software vendors and service partners the opportunity to market their services through our sales channels.

The Connect Program ensures seamless interoperability with our overall system and underlines our claim to offer high-quality and secure solutions for a broad target group.

Advantages for Connect Partners

Enter the ROCKETHOME world – our service platforms for connected living – and benefit from the advantages of our continuously growing partner network.

New sales channels

Open up new sales channels by working with us as the leading IoT provider in Europe.

Attractive marketing channels

Enjoy marketing benefits by placing your products in a premium brand environment.

Optimally networked

Significantly increase the connectivity of your products and services with other IoT offerings.

Meet product and market requirements

Use the ROCKETHOME platform for your own product and market requirements. 

Direct customer feedback

Get continuous customer feedback to optimize your IoT components and systems.

Attractive offer for our customers

  • Together we can offer our customers a wide range of functions and possibilities.

    Broad spectrum
    A variety of attractive and innovative IoT use cases, services and solutions
    Extensive product selection
    Access to an extensive selection of professional and durable equipment and services from reputable brand suppliers
    Best connectivity
    A broad range of consumer and lifestyle devices via APIs to mainstream platforms such as Amazon, Google and Apple
    Individual product roadmap
    Guaranteed interoperability, continuous development and a customized product roadmap
    Quality and safety
    High quality and safety through close cooperation with suppliers and service providers
Mockup of the Connect program on a laptop.

Our connect service connects all possibilities.

We provide multiple connectivity services to our device partners to enable a comprehensive, interoperable and high-performance solution.

System design and testing

From system architecture to final end-to-end testing, we not only provide the optimal configuration, but also ensure the highest reliability at all levels.

Hardware development

Through strong partnerships, we enable the individual development of the required connectivity and hardware components for the targeted IoT solution.

Safety certification

In cooperation with external institutions, all components of the IoT system can be certified in terms of interoperability, IT security and data protection (e.g. VDE and other certifications).

Open platform – many possibilities

Our IoT modules cover everything in the field of energy, digital building and services, from charging columns to PV systems, from rental bikes to digital access management.

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