Our ecosystem for seamless process integration

Our ecosystem includes process interfaces and service integrations to create worlds of experience. This makes real estate more sustainable, efficient and digital.

Our ecosystem consists of
The comprehensive ecosystem provides a seamless connection of interfaces

Discover the comprehensive integrations and process integrations that our ecosystem offers. Our diverse interfaces enable seamless connection of different processes and services to make your property management more efficient and smoother.

Our process interface enables the integration of service provider systems

  • Our process API provides you with an interface to seamlessly integrate various service provider systems. Whether SAP, HubSpot, AWS, the Google suite or other systems – we ensure that all relevant platforms and tools are integrated for you. These integrations optimize the collaboration with your partners and service providers and make processes more efficient.

    • CRM and ERP

      CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are combined in our process interface

    • Security and billing

      The process interface meets the highest security standards and facilitates billing processes

    • Ticket management and authentication

      Ticket management and authentications are combined here

    • Process and service management

      Processes and services can be managed easily and efficiently at a glance

Our ecosystem enables the integration of various services

Various services, such as an e-commerce platform, marketing automations and more can be integrated into your ecosystem. This allows you to best meet all the needs of your target audience.

  • E-commerce platform

    Integrate an e-commerce platform into your ecosystem and offer your customers innovative services and products related to your building. Create a seamless commerce experience for your customers and increase your revenue.

  • Marketing automation

    Automate your marketing processes and improve customer retention and acquisition. Use intelligent tools to create personalized marketing campaigns and effectively target your audiences.

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