Our add-on: balcony power plant

Whether balcony, garden, façade or garage roof: with the balcony power plant, independent energy generation is possible from anywhere.

The demand for independent energy generation is increasing, but not all properties offer the space or possibilities for a photovoltaic system on the roof. Tenants or owner-occupiers who do not want to make any structural changes to their homes also need a simple and cost-effective solution to generate their own energy that can be implemented anywhere.

All the advantages of balcony power plants at a glance

Whether balcony, garden, façade or garage roof: with the balcony power plant, independent energy generation is possible from anywhere. The costs are amortized after around 5-8 years, i.e. the electricity is produced at zero cost. The savings therefore amount to 15-30% (in apartments). Furthermore, the increase in capacity of balcony power plants in the overall PV segment has risen from 2% to 29% in the last four years.

  • Solution for independent energy generation on balconies and other areas of properties
  • Ideal for tenants and owners who want to participate in the energy transition
  • In rental and management, you benefit from an attractive and legally compliant energy service for your customers
  • High attractiveness due to wide range of application options and plug & play by users
  • Smart app functions such as energy transparency, control and automation of devices (self-sufficient)
  • Everything from a single source: hardware and software by Priwatt & ROCKETHOME

The components and functions at a glance

Balcony power plants usually consist of one or two solar modules, which together have an approximate output of up to 820 WP (watt peak). In addition, a bidirectional energy meter is required to monitor the photovoltaic production. Various gateways from different manufacturers are available for the efficient management of the electricity generated and for the integration of automation functions. ROCKETHOME offers a HEMS Hub (Home Energy Management Systems Hub) including the ROCKETHOME Cloud and associated app, which displays the production of electricity and enables integration into automation systems. In addition, a smart energy meter is used to measure and visualize how much electricity the balcony power plant is feeding in. When the feed-in reaches a certain desired value, devices or consumers can be switched on manually to make optimum use of this energy.

  • Solar module for different roofs from Priwatt
  • Inverter is also supplied by Priwatt
  • DIY installation and commissioning
  • HEMS Hub and smart energy meter from ROCKETHOME for measuring the electricity fed into the grid
  • Associated Home Energy app for visualizations and automations
  • Support and service

Landing page and store

Your customers can find out more about the respective product on our product landing pages. They can easily access these via the app. The product can be purchased in the store with just a few clicks.

You can find all information on our dynamic tariff products here: To the article
add-on balcony power station
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