"Dein Energiesparshop" is live - simply bring help

Our new initiative "Dein Energiesparshop" is live. We offer consumers products that help them save electricity, heat or water.

We are very pleased: Our new initiative "Your energy-saving store" is live. Just in time for the cold season, we can offer consumers products that help them save electricity, heat or water.

‍Therising energy prices are so present and yet hardly tangible. We hear about it every day in the news and on talk shows. But how can we tackle this crisis? For us at ROCKETHOME, it is important that we make a contribution to the solution. That's why we asked ourselves how we can use our expertise to help in these challenging times. The result is "Dein Energiesparshop". The online store pools our knowledge and offers consumers a clear and well-structured product range to help them save in the right places.

‍Discover the store here

Our initiative

"Dein Energiesparshop" is a non-profit initiative. The aim is to provide quick help without making a profit. We do not generate any margins with the products we offer. The concept is based on cost price. With our initiative, we want to support consumers and also make a further contribution. That's why we donate €1 per shopping basket to a charitable organization. We are currently still looking for a suitable project. We will keep you regularly informed about developments in the initiative via our various communication channels.

Of course, we want our idea to reach as many people as possible. To do this, we need your support. Let's work together to bring the tools to consumers that they need to get through the cold months. Your network and your channels can help!

Supported by Die Wohnungswirtschaft | GDW, we have already reached a large number of people. Let's continue to weave the web together. It's very simple:

  1. Write to us at: m.betz@rockethome.de
  2. Share your logo with us so that we can place it directly on the store page and the landing page.
  3. You will receive image material and can share the link in your network or with your tenants.

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The store

Why do we actually need this store, because the products are not new? That's right, the products are already available on the market. But many people are overwhelmed by the search. Which of the products really help to save money and which of the many thermostats can actually do what?

We offer a carefully selected and tested product range in our store. The selection of products is straightforward and well sorted. Whether heat, electricity or water, consumers can use the categories to find the right products with the right savings potential.

Note: The savings potential is an approximate estimate. It is based on average values. The absolute energy savings depend on personal energy behavior.

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