Our products for the real estate industry

We present our six key products, which have been specially developed to meet the needs of the housing and real estate industry.

Innovative solutions for housing and real estate companies

In today's dynamic real estate world, advanced technologies and intelligent solutions are essential to meet the increasing demands. We have put together suitable packages of our products for you. Whether energy-efficient refurbishment, digital management or building monitoring - we have the right product for your challenge. Take the first step towards a digital, climate-efficient property.

Our 6 product packages at a glance

1. energy modernization

ROCKETHOME supports the energy modernization of existing properties with the following measures:

  • Planning: Analysis of energy consumption and recommendations for taking efficiency measures
  • Energy and building management: ROCKETHOME offers platforms for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption
  • Smart Home and IoT: integration of intelligent controls to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort
  • Apps and dashboards: tools for monitoring and controlling energy consumption for residents and users in one place
  • Renewable energies: supply of solar systems, charging infrastructure and heat pumps and integration into a central energy management system
  • Predictive maintenance: use of data analyses for predictive maintenance and avoidance of energy losses

We help to improve energy efficiency, cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions. This not only saves money, but also enables you to be part of the energy transition - with us at your side.

2. energy solutions for new construction projects

ROCKETHOME makes buildings climate-efficient and supports new construction projects with innovative energy solutions through the following measures:

  • Analysis and design: Holistic design of energy solutions and energy management systems for new construction projects
  • Sustainable energy sources: Supply and support for the integration of renewable energies
  • Integrated energy management systems: development and provision of platforms for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption
  • Smart home integration: implementation of smart home technologies and IoT devices
  • Digital user platforms: Provision of apps and dashboards for building owners and future residents

We help to make new construction projects energy-efficient and sustainable. By integrating solar systems, charging infrastructure or heat pumps into the building design and construction, operating costs are lowered and CO2 emissions reduced. By implementing smart home technologies and IoT devices, intelligent control and automation of energy consumption systems such as heating, lighting and cooling is possible - all via our user-friendly apps, which can be used to monitor and control energy consumption.

3. energy and building monitoring

ROCKETHOME supports energy and building monitoring in real estate with several innovative approaches:

  • IoT sensors and energy data: We integrate IoT sensors, systems and consumption and generation data as well as partner systems in the cloud
  • Data analysis and reporting: The platform offers advanced data analysis tools that identify consumption patterns
  • Automation and control: ROCKETHOME enables the automation of systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Transparency for users: Residents are provided with transparent energy data in the apps. In this way, we sensitize users to reduce their CO2 footprint

With these comprehensive monitoring and control solutions, ROCKETHOME helps property owners to lower energy consumption, reduce operating costs and increase the sustainability of their buildings. By automating heating, ventilation or air conditioning, cost reduction is convenient and visible. Furthermore, the data analysis tools make it possible to detect anomalies and notify users so that they can take immediate action.

4. attractive digital real estate

ROCKETHOME helps to build attractive digital real estate by using innovative technologies and services to create modern and efficient residential and commercial buildings.

  • Planning and design of neighborhood solutions: Holistic planning incl. digital architecture, technical building services, partner selection and utilization and operator model
  • Neighborhood apps with services, bookable offers and digital communication: With user-friendly neighborhood apps, we offer residents a platform through which they can book various services, use offers and communicate digitally with each other.
  • Equipping properties with intelligent systems: ROCKETHOME equips properties with intelligent systems, such as digital locking systems and smart lighting and heating solutions, which enable attractive and comfortable living and working
  • Integration of services in the areas of mobility, social participation, regionality: ROCKETHOME integrates services to promote mobility, social participation and regional offers

The community-strengthening platform can therefore not only facilitate communication, but also everyday life. Options such as car sharing, common rooms and local events support the community concept to improve the quality of life and networking of residents. Our smart home solutions increase living comfort and optimize energy efficiency - and do so through minimally invasive installation.

5. tenant:interior communication and digital management

ROCKETHOME creates holistic communication and administration worlds for the digital handling of processes using various innovative approaches.

  • Digital communication platforms: User-friendly apps and platforms that enable seamless communication between landlords, managers and users/residents
  • Digital management tools: With digital management tools, landlords and property managers can handle all aspects of property management online
  • Online letting processes: Efficient letting process through digital solutions, such as online viewings or digital signatures
  • Automated processes: Processes are automated and efficient thanks to integration into existing system landscapes and workflows
  • IoT management: Digital systems such as locking systems can also be managed directly via the IoT Property Manager

Through these digital solutions, ROCKETHOME improves the efficiency of property management, strengthens tenant communication and optimizes the rental process, resulting in higher satisfaction and a better relationship between landlords and tenants. This includes the management of rental contracts, damage reporting processes, notifications and announcements, the exchange of documents, the organization of maintenance work and the documentation of inspections, which increases efficiency, transparency and trust.

6. value-added services for existing and new buildings

ROCKETHOME supports the development of value-added services for real estate through a range of value-added services such as store worlds, marketplaces, energy-saving products and booking platforms:

  • Store worlds: ROCKETHOME integrates customized online stores into its platforms, offering residents a variety of products and services and increasing convenience
  • Marketplaces: With integrated marketplaces, ROCKETHOME gives tenants easy access to local and regional providers of services and products
  • Energy-saving products: ROCKETHOME offers special areas for energy-saving products that help tenants to reduce their energy consumption and save costs
  • Booking platforms: ROCKETHOME's platform includes functions for booking common rooms, gyms, guest apartments and other shared facilities within the property

With these value-added services , ROCKETHOME not only creates additional benefits and comfort for residents, but also contributes to increasing the value of the properties. The comprehensive integration of services and products improves tenants' quality of life and makes properties more attractive. We are your partner for successful and modern real estate management. Contact us today to find out more about our products and customized solutions. Let's shape the future of your properties together! Get in touch with us.

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