SILGENTAS: Optimizing IT security in connected districts

The joint project "SILGENTAS" aims to improve the safety of smart buildings and districts along the entire value chain.

However, many potential users still perceive digital solutions for real estate as insecure and fear the disclosure of their data, for example by hackers, which limits the use of smart products (source: Bitkom). The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has recognized these security concerns of potential users with regard to the handling of their personal data in digital devices in real estate and has appealed to the research community to investigate the security of digital cross-home systems.

SILGENTAS was developed as a joint project, which is led by application partners and research partners. ROCKETHOME participates in the project as an application partner.

Objective of the joint research project

The "SILGENTAS" project aims to improve the security of smart buildings and neighborhoods along the entire value chain. It focuses on developing sustainable and verifiable approaches to protect various devices in networked buildings from manipulation, malware infections, unauthorized access and failures. The focus is on networked residential neighborhoods where the IT security of systems between apartments is to be enhanced. A demonstrator and user platform are being developed to test the new ideas.

Other partners:inside the SILGENTAS project:

  • Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security Germany GmbH
  • Center for Law and Digitization: Chair of Legal Informatics
  • U-Glow Ltd.
  • University of Lübeck Institute for IT Security and Institute for Computer Engineering
  • Comgy Ltd.
  • meravis Wohnungsbau & Immobilien GmbH

The benefits that the SILGENTAS results will bring are:

  • Convincing previously skeptical potential users
  • Boosting the development/improvement of hardware and software by identifying potential threats and counteracting them
  • Potential extension of the results to other IoT areas and thus general improvement of IT security
  • Digitization of real estate brings convenience, efficiency and sustainability

Currently, there is a lack of studies on the practical use of smart home products and their security, so SILGENTAS brings certainty to this question and thus more users who are convinced of the security of digital solutions. In addition, hardware and software will be further developed and improved by identifying potential threats and counteracting them. The results of the project can potentially be extended to other IoT areas and thus improve overall IT security. The digital equipping of existing properties and new buildings stimulated by the project brings comfort, efficiency and sustainability.

"The extraordinary interest in the presentation of our research project 'SILGENTAS' together with our partners and comgy once again underlines the importance and urgent need for research in the field of IT security in cross-home smart home networks. As a leader in the market, it is of utmost importance to actively engage in the advancement of IT security and clearly position ourselves as a pioneer." (Sven Heinrichs from ROCKETHOME)

Sven Heinrichs presents the project at the Real Estate Arena

For more information, please visit the websites of the other participating partners of the project:

In order to make real estate future-proof, new digital components and cross-apartment systems are being used - consisting of intelligent measurement technology, smart home modules and digital data and access management. They play an important role in networked residential quarters, apartment buildings, single-family homes, but also in office buildings, and bring with them many advantages: simple and efficient management of energy consumption as well as the smart linking of a property's climate components, such as photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and charging infrastructure for electric cars.

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