Energy transition in residential complexes - the example of Remseck

Remseck Riverside, in cooperation with Strenger, shows how sustainable and digital living works. We present the project on the Neckar.

The Remseck am Neckarstrand construction project combines sustainable construction methods with the ROCKETHOME energy management system to enable an ecological and energy-saving lifestyle. It is clear that sustainability in construction projects is not only achieved through the choice of materials. A sustainable energy concept is just as important as the construction method.

"Remseck is more than just architecture: it is our commitment to the environment. We rely on sustainable technologies for future-oriented construction." - Carina Diviccaro, Project Manager at ROCKETHOME

The Remseck project therefore focuses on the energy concept. Here, sector coupling was successfully implemented in a residential complex, whereby photovoltaic systems with tenant electricity models, electric charging points and a heat pump were integrated. This enables the efficient use of renewable energy sources and promotes a sustainable energy supply for the residents. While the construction company Strenger and its architects are providing the physical building envelope, ROCKETHOME and its partners are implementing the digital and energy-efficient infrastructure in the project. This means that individual solutions are not only offered in terms of space, but also in terms of the bookable energy add-ons from ROCKETHOME.

Contributing to the energy transition with modern living

The property not only appeals to various target groups, but is also part of the Neue Mitte; a sustainable construction project of the city to connect the individual districts and create a meeting place.

  • 16 apartments
  • 2.5 to 4.5 rooms
  • 45 to 122 m²
  • Sustainable energy concept
  • Tenant app for smart living offers

Integrated IoT modules from ROCKETHOME:

  • Photovoltaic systems (tenant electricity model)
  • Charging infrastructure for electromobility
  • Heat pump
  • Smart Living offers (light and blind control, alarm systems)

In addition to managing the aforementioned IoT modules, the property management platform enables simple and bundled communication with residents. This saves transaction costs and streamlines processes. However, the smart overview does not end with the Remsecker IoT modules: all Strenger properties equipped with ROCKETHOME energy solutions can be managed via the property management platform.

Remseck's pilot project for sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly urban development is the perfect way to enable tenants and owners to participate in the energy transition.

"We create [...] the bridge to the residents of real estate and residential complexes so that they can also play their important role as central players in the overall system." - ROCKETHOME founder Yüksel Sirmasac

The ROCKETHOME energy solutions

But what exactly does the sustainable and connected energy concept look like in practice? On the one hand, it is based on the planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems, charging infrastructures, heating solutions, digital worlds of experience for residents and tenant electricity options. On the other hand, it is based on monitoring and control via a digital platform. This means that energy efficiency and connectivity can be realized in one place via an app. 

  • 15 - 30 % energy savings through solar energy and tenant electricity models
  • Sustainable and future-proof heating solutions through the installation of heat pumps
  • Electromobility as standard in underground parking garages
  • Fast marketing thanks to digital and energy equipment
  • 30 - 50 % higher resident satisfaction

Savings effect for residents thanks to solar energy and heat pump

With Remseck's 2712 hours of sunshine per year, residents can enjoy being woken up by the sun and save energy at the same time. Thanks to the tenant electricity model, the electricity generated by the PV systems is shared among the residents, saving 10% compared to the market price. The solar panels are so inconspicuous that they are barely noticeable when looking out of the window.

If the sun doesn't shine, Remsecker:innen is supplied with 100% green electricity by enercity. Surplus electricity? The rooftop photovoltaic systems feed this into the public grid for a fee,saving several tons ofCO2 in addition to generating energy independently.

The heat pump as a supplement ensures sustainable heating and cooling of buildings. The heat pumps use natural energy from the earth or ambient air to generate heat, thus helping to reduce energy consumption andCO2 emissions. This environmentally friendly heating technology is ideally suited to Remseck's abundant solar potential and helps residents to further minimize their ecological footprint.

The cooperation between Strenger and ROCKETHOME is reflected in the discreet appearance of the PV systems

Mobility turnaround - The filling station on your doorstep

In Baden-Württemberg, the average e-car charging station is only ten kilometers away. It is therefore not surprising that Strenger has prepared all the parking spaces in its properties for e-mobility. In collaboration with ROCKETHOME, Compleo Solo charging stations were installed, which can be fully controlled via an app. These charging stations, combined with the PV system on the roof, not only support environmentally friendly mobility, but are also easy on the residents' wallets. Charging at home has never been so easy!

𝘉𝘦𝘯𝘻𝘪𝘯? 𝘕𝘦𝘪𝘯 𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘦, 𝘪𝘤𝘩 𝘩𝘢𝘣𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘶𝘧𝘨𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘯 - ROCKETHOME employee Mark Bajorat (right) with Compleo Solo charging stations

Further ROCKETHOME features

  • Intelligent lighting control: While Strenger has developed harmonious lighting concepts, the smart lighting control system from ROCKETHOME allows you to control, set up and configure individual lighting scenarios using an app. 
  • Multisensor: The multisensor measures temperature, humidity and brightness. The ROCKETHOME app gives residents or owners the option of being informed when certain threshold values are exceeded or not reached. Personalized solutions can be found and adapted using integrated if-then automations.
  • Alarm system: A secure home that informs residents about movements within their own four walls. 
  • Blind control: The ROCKETHOME blind control allows you to set up automation so that blinds and shutters open and close automatically. This allows each resident to decide individually when, how much and in which room daylight enters - and this is conveniently controlled via an app. 

You can find all ROCKETHOME IoT modules here: To the modules

If Remseck Riverside shows one thing, it is that green and modern living can go hand in hand. Away from the Neckar beach, surrounded by herb lawns, fruit bushes and ornamental plants, the basis for a progressive and digital lifestyle has been created in cooperation with ROCKETHOME. 

Project participants

Strenger. The real estate company with a focus on residential construction and locations in Ludwigsburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg has stood for sustainable construction according to ecological standards for 40 years. With the vision of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the company not only creates long-lasting buildings, but also focuses on digitalization and energy saving. So it's no wonder that this construction project was developed in collaboration with ROCKETHOME. With enercity, we have an energy service provider on hand that not only has 125 years of experience, but is also one of the 10 largest energy suppliers in Germany and supplies Riverside with 100% green electricity. 

Are you also interested in digitizing your building? Then please write to us here.

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Energy transition in residential complexes - the example of Remseck

The Remseck am Neckarstrand construction project combines sustainable construction methods with the ROCKETHOME energy management system to enable an ecological and energy-saving lifestyle.

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