Commercial Buildings & Smart Spaces with ROCKETHOME

We digitize Commercial Buildings & Smart Spaces. Because they offer flexibility, stand for knowledge exchange and form networks.

Experts in the office real estate market have been discussing smart offices and new workspaces that will permanently change our everyday working lives, and not just since yesterday. After all, they offer flexibility, promote knowledge sharing and create networks. ROCKETHOME develops and implements intelligent office concepts and ecosystems for networked working. The aim of the digital New Work solutions is to make working more comfortable and uncomplicated through innovation and the use of the latest technology. This makes working in the office more attractive again and complements working from home with additional added value.

Smart Offices & New Work Spaces by ROCKETHOME

Our IoT solutions comprising hardware, software and services stand out from the crowd thanks to their holistic approach and specific combination of innovative features. These essentially include:

  • Employee/user app for all aspects of the workplace:
    All functions can be accessed quickly and conveniently via an app and improve the working atmosphere in the building. This increases productivity and employee and user satisfaction. It also facilitates communication with and among each other and strengthens direct contact with customers. Interaction with facility management is supported by a wide range of contact forms and ticketing systems.
  • Healthy indoor climate & smart building sensors:
    Intelligent functions make it possible to measure and monitor temperature, humidity and light in rooms to create a better atmosphere. Building management is significantly optimized. The indoor climate has been important even before the Covid19 pandemic. In this context, smart sensor technology is very helpful by sending alarms when certain air quality values are reached and reminding room users to ventilate. Other smart building sensors: parcel boxes, motion and occupancy sensors, camera solutions and much more.
  • Access management & security:
    The implementation of intelligent door locks and smartphones as keys enables employees to access the premises quickly and easily. The office manager benefits from better space utilization and access management. He or she can easily keep an eye on everything. This function represents an enormous simplification, particularly in the area of new workspaces, as short-term visitors can be easily managed.
  • eMobility & near-field mobility:
    Offering various mobility solutions at the workplace, such as car sharing, e-bikes and e-scooters, increases employee satisfaction - booking via an app that combines everything makes the experience perfect. Through our subsidiary Rockethome Climate Solutions GmbH, we provide innovative and holistic solutions in the areas of charging infrastructure, solar and local mobility (in both new and existing buildings).
  • Sustainability & energy efficiency:
    Energy efficiency is optimized through the use of energy IoT sensor technology. This makes a significant contribution to improving the carbon footprint and achieving the associated climate targets.
  • Marketplace & booking functions:
    Attractive offers and services relating to the workplace are made available to employees through integrated value-add functions. Delivery services, local office services are easily accessible and make the workplace an attractive place to shop. Bookings of resources such as conference rooms, desks, rental bikes or charging stations are made possible via the connection of existing booking solutions or tools provided by Rockethome.
  • Building displays:
    Attractive displays are provided for visitors to the company in the entrance areas of the buildings, informing them about all relevant data such as energy consumption, wellbeing, indoor climate and available parking and charging stations in the property.
  • Property management:
    Facility management can access all building data and energy information via a dashboard. The employee apps, booking offers and services are controlled via property management.

Market analysis: What makes smart offices and new workspaces so interesting?

Smart offices and new workspaces are not only popular with business people and commuters, but also with young professionals and freelancers. What appeals to them all: a communicative and relaxed environment with room for innovation, intelligent equipment and exceptional design - in other words, a working atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in such a short space of time.

Companies, not just start-ups, rent the space in addition to their existing office capacity to enable their employees to work barrier-free in different locations. This improves employee productivity. These concepts help to avoid unnecessary costs and save resources - the right strategy to achieve the company's sustainability goals. The company is also more attractive to young talent and new employees in terms of recruitment. For construction companies and developers, the concepts of New Work Spaces and Smart Office offer the opportunity to lay an innovative foundation for a promising future for their real estate. They benefit from a higher attractiveness of the property, maximize the value of the building and enable a flexible change of tenants. The concepts also bring similar benefits for property managers, as net operating income, flexibility and process efficiency can be significantly increased here too. For example, intelligent access and booking management solutions are used here, which give tenants contactless access to the building via an app.

Future market: Smart Offices & New Work Spaces

Smart Offices & New Work Spaces respond to the different needs of society. That's why they are so popular. The following aspects play an important role here:

  • Areas of life: Home & Work:
    The home and work spheres of life are increasingly converging. As a result, the demand for New Work Spaces is growing. They fulfill the desire for home-like comfort and at the same time offer a productivity-enhancing working atmosphere.
  • Property management:
    From the company's perspective, intelligent building management offers advantages in terms of cost reduction and automation of construction processes. Office space can be monitored and used interactively depending on utilization. The value of the property increases.
  • Sharing trend & pay-per-use:
    The shared use of resources has become part of our society and is reflected in concepts such as New Work Spaces. Here, fixed costs can be reduced and resources used.
  • Innovation & start-up culture:
    The start-up culture is booming like no other sector and is bringing movement to traditional working structures. Many start-ups from technology-oriented or creative industries as well as established companies are using new workspaces for themselves, benefiting from the flexibility and organizing their capacities in this way.
  • Generation Y & digital natives:
    The next generation of employees is not only technically oriented, but also prefers flat hierarchies, fast communication and an individual approach to everyday life. In this context, work-life balance plays an important role. It is precisely these needs that are being met by new work and intelligent office concepts.
  • Smart offices & new work as part of urban life:
    The emergence of these new office concepts is part of a development towards smart cities, in which social life is reinventing itself in the face of enormous crowds of people in a confined space. This is setting new standards in terms of mobility and digital infrastructure, sustainability, climate protection, innovation and quality of life.

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