Customer project completed - micro-living in Austria

Continuum puts its micro-living system into operation. Equipped with our digital locking system: affordable & efficiently used living space.

There are customer projects that take up a lot of time and travel. Continuum's micro-living facility was the exact opposite from ROCKETHOME's point of view. Through efficient and digital processes, we were able to provide the project developer Continuum and its service providers with the desired service. We are pleased that the project in Hard, Austria, has now been put into operation with the Property Manager platform, Micro Living App and digital locking system from ROCKETHOME.

The micro-living system is located in Hard, Austria ©Continuum

Information about the project:

The lack of high-quality living space and excessively high rents are problems that have been a recurring theme in the housing industry for several years and raise the question of how enough affordable living space can be created for everyone in a limited area. In Hard, near Lake Constance, a project has now been developed to counteract these problems:

  • A fully furnished micro-living system
  • 42 small apartments
  • Co-living areas, such as a roof terrace, a gym and co-working spaces (free of charge for all residents)
  • Tenant app for micro-living apartments
  • IoT module used: Digital locking system (cylinder and wall reader) for front doors, apartment doors, common areas and underground car park
  • Possibilities for expansion towards smart home, intelligent heating system and energy transparency

This is now the second project that we have implemented together with Continuum as a reliable partner. This was evident in the smooth communication, planning and implementation.

In keeping with Continuum's motto "Affordable – Innovative – Connecting", the focus of the apartments is on affordability. Accordingly, the housing offer is mainly aimed at students, singles, young adults, but also at people who are in their mid-life and can benefit from the co-living and co-working spaces.

Our service: Plan, build, operate

We offer not only the software solution, but also a service that includes planning, installation and commissioning of software and hardware.

  • Plan: Together with Continuum, the appropriate hardware was selected, features were coordinated, and the goods were procured and delivered.
  • Build: The installation was carried out by partners and put into operation.
  • Operarte: We ensure that operation, maintenance and further development are ensured.

ROCKETHOME solution for more flexibility and successful marketing

When it comes to innovation, ROCKETHOME comes into play: We have equipped the micro-living facility with our digital locking systems, which can be opened and closed via app or key card. For example, access for staff, such as cleaners or property management, can be created or blocked at any time in the property manager, and the change of tenant is also facilitated by Smart Access. Thanks to the communication feature, residents can be easily notified via push notifications about maintenance work or similar topics.

Advantages in administration

  • Access management individually customizable in the Property Manager
  • This simplifies the tenant change process
  • Possibility of direct communication with tenants in the app
  • Support or damage reports at a central location
  • Easily set up access restrictions for staff or cleaning personnel
  • Easier and more successful marketing

The app, which is used by the tenants and in the administration of the complex, was also implemented by ROCKETHOME - as a white-label solution, it was provided in the design of the company Continuum.

"ROCKETHOME offers us a versatile platform that makes it easy to manage our systems. Up to now, the focus has been on using the Smart Access functions. However, ROCKETHOME opens up numerous other options for future projects with additional intelligent features. We can seamlessly integrate these into our innovative projects and thus plan and implement them in a future-proof manner." - Maximilian Fröhlich, Letting & Administration

Terrace in front of co-working area ©Continuum
Co-Working & Living Area ©Continuum
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