HEMS update: New module for controlling the heat pump

We have news from product development: we now have a heat pump controller as a new module for home energy management.

The heat pump is a central component for smart energy management in buildings. This made it all the more important to integrate it as part of our Home Energy Management System (HEMS). We already reported on this in detail at the beginning of the year(you can find the article here). Now we have exciting news from product development - heat pumps are now Smart Grid ready! The ROCKETHOME HEMS hub can be used to control heat pumps in single-family homes, apartment buildings or commercial properties based on incentives.

What difference does that make?

Heat pumps can now be controlled via the standardized SG-Ready interface of the systems. Specifically, the four operating states of a heat pump can be addressed and changed by the ROCKETHOME HEMS Hub and the "Heat pump" energy module. So if there is a surplus of energy from a photovoltaic system, the heat pump can automatically switch to operating state three - the state in which the system switches to increased operation. Heat generation can thus be shifted to cost-effective or climate-friendly times. Energy can thus be used much more efficiently. Heat pumps can also be integrated into intelligent HEMS automation systems with charging infrastructure, PV/storage and other energy systems such as dynamic tariffs.

The HEMS functions at a glance

  • Cross-manufacturer integration via SG Ready: Connection of heat pumps from leading manufacturers via standardized SG Ready interface
  • Energy module "Heat pump": Addressing and changing the four operating states of a heat pump
  • HEMS Hub: networking the heat pump with PV/storage, wallboxes, smart heating and other IoT applications
  • Automation: Incentive-based control via "availability of renewable energy, e.g. surplus solar power, degree of self-sufficiency, dynamic tariffs, weather and much more"
  • Hardware requirement: HEMS Hub, "Heat pumps" energy module and Internet access
  • Software requirement: Home Energy app and cloud connection (possibly connection of dynamic tariffs)
  • Service: Support and maintenance contract with ROCKETHOME

Are you interested in a HEMS solution? Would you like to enter this market? As an independent service provider, we can help you develop new target groups and business models.

Let's shape the new energy world of tomorrow together!

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