More safety in everyday life with the emergency assistant

Our new feature, the emergency assistant, ensures greater safety in everyday life. Rapid assistance systems are important so that risks can be avoided.

The 'Emergency Assistant' is now available to users of the ROCKETHOME smart home system, which protects people in need of help and their relatives in an emergency and guarantees rapid assistance.

Our platform function for more safety in everyday life

Unexpectedly, elderly people or people in need of help can find themselves in distress in their own home, in which case rapid assistance is important to avoid health risks. With the new 'Emergency Assistant' service, they are more protected than ever and covered in an emergency. This maximizes their quality of life and sense of security.

Many functions, tailored to your needs

The new function allows relatives of vulnerable people to be notified automatically in an emergency if atypical situations occur. Especially in these times, people want to know that their loved ones are safe. The new function makes them feel more secure in everyday life and allows them to live independently in their own home for longer. The emergency assistant makes it possible,

  • designate one or more contact persons who will be notified by e-mail in the event of an emergency.
  • manually define a time interval in which an alarm is to be triggered if there is no movement.
  • set up a night time that excludes avoidable false alarms when inactivity is expected.

Manual configuration allows you to tailor the function to your needs and those of your loved ones. Once you have set up the emergency assistant, it automatically takes into account all added motion sensors in the household.

'Emergency assistant' in everyday life: users' experiences

Justus is 29 years old, has completed his dual studies and has managed to get a job in an insurance company. He travels a lot and is a real family man. His grandmother's well-being is very important to him, which is why he set up the emergency assistant for her.

"The 'emergency assistant' makes it possible for my grandma to live in her own home for longer. She's still pretty fit for her age, but something can always happen quickly. In the past, I often felt guilty because I travel a lot for work and can only rarely check on her. Although my parents live nearby, they are also on vacation from time to time and want her to be safe. So we needed a solution that would keep her safe and give us a good feeling. As she recently moved into an age-appropriate apartment, a retirement home was out of the question. And her familiar surroundings are also very important to her. It reassures us to know that the emergency assistant will let us know if something is wrong. We have added a friend in the house and her care service to the group of people who are notified in critical situations. But luckily it hasn't come to that yet."

Luise's quality of life has also improved, as she now feels safer and more secure. At 74, she hopes to be able to live in her own home for a few more years.

"I'm very happy that I'm covered and that help will come quickly if something happens to me. I liked the fact that my grandson had this idea right from the start. I'm safe and my loved ones always know what's going on. I don't have to call them every morning. It's also reassuring that my neighbor and the care service can come to my aid."

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