Our real estate products on the MyEstate technology platform

Our new MyEstate technology platform underlines the importance of digital products in the real estate industry and connects our real estate products.

  • New technology platform underlines the growing importance of digital products in the real estate industry
  • Integrated concept meets requirements for energy-efficient and climate-neutral neighborhoods. Networking of electromobility, PV, heating systems and storage with renewable energies is forward-looking
  • Hardware and software-intensive systems for future digital buildings and districts come from a single source
  • Expansion of the product portfolio to include Climate Solutions to meet increasing demand for climate-friendly solutions
  • Available now: www.rockethome-estate.de (new price model simplifies entry)

Rockethome is expanding its collaboration with the real estate industry. This is currently being driven primarily by digitalization and sustainability issues. In order to achieve Germany's climate targets, the entire building stock must be climate-neutral by 2050. This will bring significant growth to the market for proptechs. Rockethome wants to expand its leading role and is therefore launching the "ROCKETHOME Estate" technology platform tailored to the real estate industry, which combines existing and new real estate products.

‍Underthe name ROCKETHOME Estate, project developers, administrators, landlords and asset managers can choose from dedicated IoT modules that make it easier for them to digitize buildings and create individual added value. "We have developed an explicit product portfolio for the real estate industry because it is important to us to offer a coordinated range in this segment as well and to be a trustworthy partner that delivers high-quality products and services from a single source," explains Yüksel Sirmasac, Managing Director of ROCKETHOME GmbH. The all-in-one solution is one of the key technologies for ecological and modern living, efficient and sustainable business models and compliance with political regulations.‍

A technology platform connects business, people and buildings

ROCKETHOME Estate combines digital landlord-tenant communication with various areas of first-class IoT and service features on one platform and helps to manage and increase the value of real estate. The software is not closed to existing systems, but also offers the option of connecting existing processes and systems of its customers. As a platform, ROCKETHOME Estate thus offers a scalable infrastructure for intelligent building management for efficient and sustainable real estate management.

Many companies have already recognized the potential of building digitization for themselves, but do not overcome the hurdles of getting started and only use a fraction of what is possible today. Digitalization using ROCKETHOME Estate connects buildings and people along the entire value chain and offers everyone an uncomplicated start. Thanks to its modularity, the system is easily scalable and offers the perfect framework for the introduction of new business models. With the MyEstate platform, all relevant use cases can be integrated into real estate and neighborhoods: From simple access systems in smart buildings, to the generation of PV electricity & heat, to the intelligent charging of e-cars - this enables cross-sector energy management of the entire property or complete neighborhoods.‍

Actively shaping the transition to smart real estate

The digitalization of real estate has potential, as the German real estate industry is in the midst of radical change. Above all, smart solutions are needed for success. The IoT company has been working with the real estate industry since 2010. "We are creating a future in which all buildings are digitally connected with each other, for example to make consumption values transparently accessible to all users and deliver tangible added value," says Lukas Schilling, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of ROCKETHOME GmbH. Platforms have long played a central role as a business model in many sectors. As a pillar of an innovative real estate industry with digital infrastructure, they are intended to drive change in the economy and society. Rockethome wants to continue actively shaping progress towards smart real estate and reduce the complexity of applications with its new technology platform. The decisive factor here is the integration into a networked and operational overall system, as is currently only the case with ROCKETHOME Estate.

With ROCKETHOME Estate, customized and reliable solutions for small and large projects can be implemented easily and scalably. The "Standard", "Professional" and "Enterprise" models and a modular system based on them serve as the basis. This can be used to combine suitable integrations for the application areas of "energy transparency", "e-mobility infrastructure", "solar systems", "heating solutions", "smart access", "smart building sensors" and "near-field mobility". This allows the technology platform to be configured for the specific application.‍

Digitalization plays a key role in the property of the future

The industry is currently facing new social and political challenges. The desire for sustainable and digital concepts is leading to a rethink along the entire value chain. Sustainability and digital services are now key drivers for investors (compliance with ESG factors, EEG 2021 and other climate policy regulations), but also for users (tenants/managers).

Smart properties that are able to generate sufficient energy for themselves and their surroundings and use it intelligently in the building and neighborhood will make a significant contribution to climate targets. 40% of total CO2 emissions are attributable to buildings. Germany can already achieve 17% of its climate targets for 2030 with the help of connected buildings. In addition, recording one's own consumption data is the basis for changing user behavior. If consumers know where and when energy is consumed, they can take targeted measures to save energy - manually or fully automatically. In addition to the effective management of buildings, digital approaches also enable the integration of innovative services for the real estate industry in order to be able to react quickly to social trends such as the sharing economy.

In addition, real estate must become more socially acceptable in the future. By using minimally invasive sensor technology, a building can be digitized for the masses and contribute to quality of life in the long term. Smart living therefore has a positive impact on comfort, health, safety and sustainability. Smart living also offers attractive added value for the social property of the future and supports the ongoing demographic transformation with elderly care approaches.

With ROCKETHOME Estate, Rockethome offers a comprehensive product portfolio that specifically meets the demand for a digital infrastructure for the real estate industry. As an all-in-one solution for real estate and smart neighborhoods, ROCKETHOME Estate supports the forward-looking development of the industry, climate policy and social issues, promotes cross-sector integration and creates important interfaces for all parties. The company thus realizes synergies and presents a holistic overall system for future-oriented real estate. "With the "MyEstate" technology platform and our subsidiary Rockethome Climate Solutions GmbH, we are making our contribution to mastering the current challenges of our time," says Yüksel Sirmasac, Managing Director of ROCKETHOME GmbH.


ROCKETHOME GmbH, based in Cologne, is a pioneer in the digitalization of real estate, districts and cities and offers one of the most powerful service platforms for Smart Building, Energy IoT and PropTech in Europe. ROCKETHOME supports more than 100 renowned clients from the energy and real estate industry as well as insurance companies and other service providers. Since 2010, PropTech has been supporting customers from various industries in transforming their business into a digital, socially and climate-friendly future.

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real estate products on a new technology platform
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