Kopp & ROCKETHOME: Joint HEMS platform for single-family homes

ROCKETHOME GmbH and Heinrich Kopp GmbH enter into a joint partnership to jointly promote single-family homes in a sustainable way.

Advancing single-family homes together

  • Strategic partnership between Heinrich Kopp GmbH and ROCKETHOME GmbH‍
  • Innovative solutions for the residential sector
  • Goal: advancing the sustainable and digital future of single-family homes
  • Cooperation is a contribution to climate protection in the real estate sector‍

‍‍(Cologne/Kahl am Main, July 2023) Heinrich Kopp GmbH, a manufacturer of electrotechnical products, and ROCKETHOME GmbH, a software developer and provider of climate-friendly and digital real estate, have joined forces with the aim of making single-family homes digital and therefore future-proof. The strategic partnership is intended to combine the strengths of both companies and create synergies in order to offer sustainable, digital and therefore future-proof solutions in the areas of photovoltaics and home energy management systems (HEMS) for the residential sector.

"With our partnership, we are not only promoting each other's expertise in the single-family home sector, we are also making an important contribution to digitalization and climate protection in the real estate sector. We offer a simple and widely applicable solution for the integration of highly complex products. This is the only way we can make renewable and climate-friendly energy relevant and accessible across the board," says Yüksel Sirmasac, CEO of ROCKETHOME.

While Kopp supplies the corresponding hardware for the planned projects - i.e. PV modules and inverters - ROCKETHOME is responsible for networking and controlling the technical components on a platform, including artificial intelligence and automation. Both companies are convinced that home networking, especially in the energy sector, is highly relevant for future development and that it must be designed and implemented in a simple and user-friendly way. "We are delighted that our products, in combination with ROCKETHOME's high-quality services and solutions, are now finding their way even more strongly into the residential market. The joint expertise creates exciting new opportunities in the area of sustainability and energy management," says Zouhair Kefi, Head of the Energy & Home Automation Division at Kopp.

Focus on single-family homes - step by step towards a sustainable future

The basis for the operational implementation of the range of solutions is the integration of technically necessary products, i.e. the solar cells, the connections and the inverters. "We see Kopp as the ideal partner here thanks to its many years of expertise, high level of competence and individual solutions," says Yüksel Sirmasac: "Because their quality standards are 100% in line with ours. And this is the only way to guarantee holistic, reliable energy management with maximum user convenience." Among other things, this includes complete transparency regarding energy consumption as well as smart and, in the best case, automated energy consumption optimization. Kopp supplies all the necessary products - from storage units to wallboxes - from a single source. The next step is to link these with the applications of intelligent home automation processes - one of ROCKETHOME's areas of expertise.

ROCKETHOME and Kopp: together for the demands of our time

With the help of the two companies' solutions, the perfect product for the modern requirements of homeowners and property managers can be implemented through networking and visualization. In single-family homes, when it comes to home energy management systems, but also in neighborhoods for the housing industry. The platform enables self-consumption optimization, increasing the degree of self-sufficiency, intelligent and energy-saving control of heat pumps, surplus charging and more. "At ROCKETHOME, we have been developing solutions for the digital real estate and energy world for our partners in the real estate, energy and insurance industries for over twelve years. We are convinced that with Kopp at our side, we can break new ground and penetrate the residential market even further and thus provide single-family homeowners with the best possible support on their path to sustainability," says Yüksel Sirmasac.


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About Kopp

With over 7,000 items, Heinrich Kopp GmbH (Kahl am Main, Bavaria) is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of electrical products and components for specialist dealers and retailers. The product portfolio also includes a wide range of products for self-sufficient energy generation via photovoltaics, for the conversion and storage of solar energy. Kopp thus offers holistic solutions for efficient energy management and constant control over your own energy consumption. Further information on Kopp and its product range can be found at www.kopp.eu.

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