The neighborhood app: intelligent networking for sustainable communities

With our neighborhood app, neighborhoods can be managed digitally, efficiently and intelligently.

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Advancing digitalization and the increasing demand for sustainable living spaces have paved the way for smart neighbourhoods that can be efficiently managed by our neighbourhood app. By optimizing energy flows, adapting living comfort and promoting social interaction, this app offers a pioneering solution for modern neighbourhood management. This blog post explains the functions of the neighborhood app and the benefits it offers for both residents and landlords. It also outlines the areas of the DGNB criteria in which our services can support you on your path to DGNB certification.

What can the neighborhood app do?

  • Networked energy flows
  • Indoor climate
  • Smart interaction 
  • Use of community areas
  • Documents

Networked energy flows: Energy management at the next level

Our app offers comprehensive transparency about energy flows for residents and the identification of cost drivers as an incentive for climate-friendly consumption. The integration of renewable energy sources and intelligent energy management make it possible to save energy and resources and improve the carbon footprint.

Indoor climate: individual comfort for all residents

The app can be used to easily adjust the heating, cooling and ventilation according to the residents' preferences. The personalized room climate control leads to an improvement in living comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart interaction: communication and community building

The app's communication feature strengthens networking among neighborhood residents. It enables the exchange of information, events and news within the neighborhood and thus promotes a stronger sense of community and social engagement. Digital communication also simplifies contact between landlords and tenants and strengthens the bond between the two parties. Information can be exchanged within the app via inbox messages. By allowing contact persons to be specified in the app, help with queries and problems is quicker and easier.

Use of community spaces: Common rooms, sharing services and marketplace

The coexistence of residents will be expanded to include the shared use of community areas (gym, lounge, rooftop terrace, creative spaces) and sharing offers. The digital marketplace and services also enable the digital exchange of services and items such as repair services, sports courses or catering, which strengthens the community and simplifies exchanges.

Documents: Digital management of documents

Documents such as rental contracts and invoices can also be managed in the neighborhood app. Digital document management makes the administration of documents of all kinds more efficient and they can also be sent more easily and automatically. For example, monthly statements can be sent automatically to tenants every month.

What advantages does the neighborhood app offer?

  • Sustainability and environmental impact
  • Data protection and security
  • Living comfort and efficiency
  • Cost aspect
  • Efficiency of apartment sales

Sustainability and environmental impact: Future security for owners

Optimized energy management and resource conservation can reduce the carbon footprint of users, which contributes to the sustainable development of city districts and urban areas. The use of sharing services also improves the sustainability of neighborhoods, for example by allowing residents to avoid having to buy their own bike or car or to form carpools, which saves resources.

Data protection and security: Ensuring privacy as an operator

Data protection and security have become increasingly relevant in our networked world. Our app guarantees the protection of personal data and the prevention of misuse or data leaks. In addition, personal data is not passed on to third parties. This guarantees the security of users.

Living comfort and efficiency: offering attractive properties

The use of a neighborhood app increases the living comfort of residents and boosts efficiency. The ability to individually adjust heating, cooling and ventilation allows residents to regulate the indoor climate according to their personal preferences, resulting in a more pleasant and customized living experience. At the same time, the app enables intelligent management of energy flows throughout the entire neighbourhood, resulting in optimized energy efficiency. The various services offered in the app also simplify residents' everyday lives and thus improve their quality of life.

Cost aspect: savings through automation and regulation

Thanks to its intelligent control and automation, the neighborhood app enables more efficient use of energy, resources and time. By recognizing unnecessary energy consumption, costs for residents can be reduced. Sharing offers can also save money by allowing bicycles, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and more to be shared by many residents so that not everyone has to buy them themselves.

Efficiency of apartment sales/letting: faster and more transparent

Our neighborhood app speeds up the apartment sales/letting process by offering real-time information, virtual viewings and a targeted approach to target groups. It enables faster communication between sellers and prospective buyers, promotes transparency and saves time through online interactions. These efficiency gains help to sell/let apartments faster and make the entire process more effective for both sides.

On the way to meeting the DGNB criteria

DGNB certification ("German Sustainable Building Council") is a certification system used to assess and promote the sustainability of construction projects. Our services in the Quartiers app can support you on your way to DGNB certification. The following areas of the DGNB criteria are included in our services:

  • Integration of digitalization into neighbourhood planning
  • Sensors in buildings
  • Availability of information (smart metering, energy monitoring, indoor climate...)
  • Control of buildings and structural infrastructures (automation in buildings, smart home, intelligent control...)
  • Tariff models for buildings
  • Information on neighborhood-related digital offers (marketplace, events...)
  • Neighborhood-based online platform
Find out more about our solution for digital and climate-efficient districts here: To the solution page


What functions does the neighborhood app offer?

The neighborhood app offers many different functions - from indoor climate and energy management to smart interaction, the use of community areas and digital document management.

Who benefits from the neighborhood app?

Whether for managers, owners or residents - the neighborhood app offers benefits for many different target groups.

What are the benefits of the neighborhood app?

The neighborhood app brings many advantages, such as sustainability, improved data protection and security, increased living comfort and efficiency, but also a reduction in costs.

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