Customer story: digital Christmas workshops

ROCKETHOME Christmas story: Once upon a time, in a modern world, Santa Claus decided to use digitalization to his advantage...

Once upon a time, in a modern world full of innovation, Santa decided to rethink his age-old methods and use digitalization to his advantage. That summer, he didn't rest, but worked and tinkered to get everything ready for Christmas 2023. With a deep "Ho Ho Ho", he set about transforming his Christmas into a smart, efficient and yet magical event.

The North Pole, now equipped with the latest technologies, had smart workshops to support Santa Claus in his tasks.

Smart workshops

When Santa gets up in the dark in the morning, an intelligent lighting system bathes all the rooms he enters in a cozy light, the smart heaters have warmed up the workshops - everything is ready for the working day. Instead of pen and paper, Santa relies on a digital gift list. With the help of artificial intelligence, he analyzes the children's wishes to select the perfect gifts. By storing wish lists and gift lists digitally, no more notes can get lost and no child's wish will go unfulfilled on Christmas Eve.

Digital gift management

Using the digital gift management system, he can see at any time how far along his helpers are with the presents for the children and whether there are any problems. Santa can also order digital services, such as emptying the chimney of soot or assigning tasks to Santa's helpers, which gives him a better overview of all the tasks he has to complete shortly before Christmas.

E-mobility instead of reindeer

There are also innovations in the delivery of presents. Thanks to his newly acquired charging station, he can now deliver presents without the help of reindeer, using electricity from renewable sources. An advantage, as he is now even quieter on the road with his very efficient e-scooter.

This transforms Santa Claus into a modern, efficient and yet magical gift distributor. Children all over the world are amazed by the technology that has now even reached the North Pole.

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