Digital world of experience: The home can do more than just live there

Digital world of experience: Your own home can do more than just living - here you can find out about the smart functions that make everyday life in your home easier.

Places where people network are used for exchange and are an integral part of social life. In the past, it was the marketplace where people met, but today much of this takes place digitally. This can be seen not least in the rising number of social media users, the boom in online shopping and the current developments in times of coronavirus, when working from home is becoming part of everyday life. Virtual meeting spaces are becoming increasingly important for social interaction. At the same time, work and private life are merging and the demands on people's own homes and living environments are growing.

Digital living spaces by ROCKETHOME

With our solutions, we take the idea of virtual meeting spaces and put it into practice for our customers and partners. We understand this to mean a well thought-out concept with the aim of designing digital living spaces and creating a unique user experience for residents. Because your own home can be more than just a place to live. It is shaped by the living environment, the neighbors and local services and offers - the digitalization of the entire neighbourhood in the interests of the resident. At ROCKETHOME, we see room here for innovative ideas that solve social challenges and generate added value for people such as young families, young professionals, older people, single people and children.

Our platform offer for you

The digital living spaces by ROCKETHOME are characterized by a specific combination of packages that bundle different service offers, equipment variants and tariffs. As a service provider, you actively design these for your customers, because you know the needs and wishes of your target group best. You are also responsible for offering external services via third-party providers. ROCKETHOME supports you in the development process, develops your platform and the associated digital applications (apps for residents and neighborhood managers) and advises you on the selection of packages. From our experience, we know that virtual meeting spaces are successful in attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with regular customers. Direct touchpoints - app, dashboard and voice control - are crucial here. They allow your customers to enter your product and service world and experience user experience design at the highest level.

You are...

  • energy supplier and would like to combine your green electricity tariff with an intelligent solution for controlling the wallbox?
  • Neighborhood developer and would like to offer residents local services and contact opportunities in addition to smart networked living spaces?
  • insurer and are looking for a smart security solution for buildings that rounds off your products?

We implement for you...

  • an attractive product and service world - tailored to your customers for strong customer loyalty
  • Direct touchpoints via an app, a dashboard and voice control
  • interesting partnerships, innovative products and services

You generate...

  • Added value for existing customers through individualized offers
  • Incentives such as security, convenience and support for new customer acquisition
  • a unique selling point with your innovative product and service world as a figurehead for your company

Get started now with your service world!

As part of our Kick Start program, we advise you in all project phases. Get in touch with us now:

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