"Care & Security" - Service for elderly people & relatives

Our new IoT service "Care & Security" is designed to support older people and their relatives in their everyday lives with digital solutions.

In a difficult time like this, communication with each other - with family, friends or neighbors - is more important than ever and brings us closer together despite social distancing. But even before coronavirus, the safety and care of elderly people living alone posed many challenges. Relatives, who often live many kilometers away, wonder whether everything is okay with their loved ones and how they can act and help from a distance, especially in an emergency. The same applies to housing providers who want to enable their tenants and residents to live independently and safely for as long as possible.

Our offer:

For our partners, we provide "Care & Security" as a ready-made IoT service with the partner's look and feel within one month so that you can offer your customers quick added value and help.

Our new IoT service "Care & Security" improves the lives of older people living alone by digitally connecting them with their loved ones. Finding it difficult to meet their need for care?

"Care & Security" is aimed precisely at these two target groups:

Older people who want to continue living independently and relatives who want to be informed from a distance whether everything is OK. They need solutions to be able to help in an emergency. Both target groups can benefit from the use of smart technologies.

Relevance in the corona crisis:

We can see that people with health impairments and their relatives are facing a very difficult time. The looming reduction in contact over a longer period of time will have a massive impact on the everyday lives of these at-risk groups. Relatives will take on more responsibility - often without being there in person. This is where support measures that can be implemented remotely and provide relatives with effective information can help.

"Care & Security" allows relatives to keep an eye on whether everything is OK from a distance and to be informed automatically in atypical situations. In an emergency, you can use the solution to initiate rapid assistance from people on site.

The solution:

Care & Security is a connected home solution in which, unlike many other products on the market, the primary users of the system are not the residents themselves, but their relatives.

Relatives receive an app and a web portal via which they can.

  • are informed about the latest activities at all times,
  • be automatically alerted by SMS or e-mail if there is no activity during certain periods, e.g. between 6 and 8 a.m. (time periods can be set flexibly),
  • always have an eye on whether the heating is working properly,
  • Build a personal community of neighbors, friends and family members who also have access to the above information and can open the door on site in an emergency,
  • Optional: When extended with smart radiator thermostats, the heating can be controlled and automated remotely.

Little hardware - lots of software

"Care and security" is based on the use of a few targeted hardware components that can be used in a variety of ways thanks to a clever combination of software features. Unlike complex technical systems with emergency buttons, fall mats and the like, this minimally invasive equipment is accepted by the people on site and does not lead to any restrictions in their personal lives. The solution deliberately avoids the use of cameras or similar components that would lead to an impairment of privacy. The components are installed in such a way that they are barely noticeable in everyday life.

ROCKETHOME offers a combination of

(1) a sensor for activity & healthy indoor climate
(2) optional, intelligent door locks
(3) a special app for relatives

Do you have questions about the product? Then write to us. We will be happy to arrange an appointment or send you the white paper on the product range on request.

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