CEO Letter: In light of the ongoing energy crisis

CEO Letter on the topic of energy due to the current energy crisis. Our CEO Yüksel Sirmasac provides information on all relevant news.

Dear business partners,

These are extraordinary times that challenge us all. We are facing problems that are shaking our society, economy and way of life to the core.

In these times, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship have a very special role to play. The creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of each and every one of us is required, and quickly. With this in mind, we would like to make our contribution here. To this end, we have launched three thrusts in our real estate and energy industry markets:

1. climate solutions by ROCKETHOME

In our view, energy-efficient and climate-friendly properties are the result of active climate management - i.e. the networking of energy procurement (PV, heat pump, renewable energies), storage (electromobility, electricity storage, etc.) as well as the consumption side (residents, neighborhood, grid feed-in, etc.). We must now make a massive shift in this direction - both in new builds and in the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings. More information‍


The digital technology platform for real estate products: With these technologies, we create the bridge to the residents of properties and neighborhoods so that they too can play their important role as central players in the overall system. With these touchpoints, we enable end customers to actually behave in an energy-efficient manner and benefit from this alongside owners and managers (e.g. through cost savings or even new added value). More info‍

3. new:

All relevant products/instruments that simply help end customers to save heat, electricity and water. With this initiative, we want to provide our partners from the real estate and energy industry with a tool that they can bring to people via their channels at short notice. We are currently looking for supporters/companies to participate. The platform was launched in October and already has a large number of supporters on board. More info‍

Do you have any ideas - perhaps how we can make a contribution together? Then let's talk about it. I would be very pleased.

Yours sincerely
Y. Sirmasac (Founder & CEO)

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