"Your energy saving store" supports DESWOS project

"Dein Energiesparshop" supports the DESWOS project. We want to support people in the energy crisis with our knowledge.

Energy crisis in Europe - climate crisis worldwide

The idea of Dein Energiesparshop is simple: we want to support people with our knowledge in the energy crisis. So we have put together products in a store that simply help people to save energy in their own homes. However, with all the problems we are facing this winter, there is one issue we must not lose sight of: The global climate crisis. That's why we want to use our initiative to support a project by the organization DESWOS which supports people in the Global South who are acutely affected by climate change.

The project - transforming dry land into productive vegetable fields

Constant water shortages, poor soil quality and extreme weather events make farming in Senegal very difficult. Climate change with droughts or heavy rainfall makes growing vegetables, fruit and cereals a major challenge for small farmers in the rural community of Ngoye. With its current project, DESWOS aims to improve the local water and food situation.

The construction of a deep well with a solar pump, a water tower and an irrigation system will irrigate around 4 hectares of farmland. This will also supply water to school gardens and a water kiosk, an estimated total of 60,000 inhabitants of the community of Ngoye. All of this helps to ensure that the families concerned have sufficient water for their 200 m² fields. In concrete terms, this means an improvement in the income and nutritional situation of around 2,500 people in need! In return, they receive agricultural equipment, solar panels and seeds, for example for lettuce, beetroot, cabbage, beans and eggplants, but also for crops such as millet, maize and peanuts. With water, nothing stands in the way of setting up a tree nursery. Trees are important to counteract desertification.

We want to support this. For us, the use of renewable energies is the right way to tackle and support these challenges.

The support

"Dein Energiesparshop" is a charitable initiative. For every shopping cart purchased, ROCKETHOME donates 1 euro to this project. Of course you can also support the project directly. You can find the details for the corresponding donation account here:

Donation account:
IBAN DE87 3705 0198 0006 6022 21
Sparkasse KölnBonn SWIFT-BIC COLSDE33
Keyword: Small farmers cooperative Senegal

The organization

Giving people in need a home - DESWOS is active in many countries of the global South with this goal in mind. DESWOS (Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V.) is a private non-profit organization. Its mission is to combat housing shortages and poverty in the Global South. Helping people to help themselves is the goal here, e.g. in the construction of housing and schools, in water supply and in securing economic livelihoods.

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