The digital door as a 'door opener' into your IoT service world

The digital front door opens up new worlds in the IoT service world and paves the way for new business areas and topics.

Digital building access is playing an increasingly important role as an IoT category, as various studies have shown. As it is used several times a day and achieves a high dwell time among users, it is an ideal 'door opener'. ROCKETHOME has built up domain expertise over the last three years and today offers 'Access as a Service'. We work closely with leading hardware manufacturers to achieve maximum added value for our customers and their customers. They pursue the goal of successfully marketing their own products such as electricity tariffs, insurance and tenant services via platforms and at the same time reaching as many new and regular customers as possible. But how do you achieve maximum user engagement?

A basic component of success is the digital front door!

As part of an IoT solution, it is associated with a low financial investment and paves the way for various users into the IoT service world. Due to its daily use, it is one of the most important starting points for all models relating to smart living.

As a service provider, you have the opportunity to reach many users directly via the digital front door and place your products. With every digital front door in your buildings, the number of potential users increases. Then you can exploit the potential of the digital building with a low investment volume!

IoT solution outline

We at ROCKETHOME show you the way to a successful market entry for your products. Important building blocks are the digital front door and a platform for your service world.

Module 1: The digital front door‍

By installing an intelligent locking system that is compatible with all doors in existing and new-build properties, you create added value for all users.

  • Residents gain access to the property by opening the door lock via the app on their smartphone and are provided with relevant information via the app. Of course, fobs, key fobs, wall readers and many other opening media are also made available to users in parallel.
  • Managers can easily organize their tenants and properties using property management tools, including digital key management. They are in constant contact with their tenants via the app and offer digital tenant support.

Module 2: Platform for your service world

‍Oncethe digital door is installed, a diverse world of IoT services opens up for the user.

  • They can now use the platform to book smart home equipment options for their apartment, call up home-related services such as shopping services or access innovative charging solutions and tariffs. Users are also in close contact with the entire community via a bulletin board and inform each other about community events such as neighborhood festivals. This means they are active on the platform more often. Important documents, such as their own bills, can be accessed quickly and easily via the platform.
  • You actively shape the service world: Place specific products and services such as tenant electricity tariffs or insurance. Additional benefits result from vacancy and building monitoring for the manager, who can provide his tenants with important news in real time. This allows you to address your service products to the residents and achieve a plus in your business balance sheet.

We offer the following services for digital access management:

  • Holistic equipping of properties and neighborhoods with hardware, software and services
  • Access management via the IoT Property Manager: management of all properties, apartments, users, doors (building entrance, apartment, technical rooms), access systems (e.g. parking spaces, garage doors) via a dashboard
  • Neighborhood app for controlling doors and booking resources such as rooms, desks, parking spaces and other use cases
  • Installation, commissioning, operation and billing service
  • Consulting and planning for individual properties and neighborhoods (e.g. student living, serviced apartments, commercial buildings, neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Optional: embedding in a neighborhood app with a unique service world
  • Optional: offer, equipment and connection with smart home, charging infrastructure and many other IoT modules

and best of all: everything from a single source and on a single platform:

Are you interested in our solutions for access management in new or existing buildings? - Request a white paper, offer brochure or contact us.

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