Rocket Launch 2019 by Yüksel Sirmasac (CEO & Founder)

Rocket launch 2019 by CEO & founder Yüksel Sirmasac with a review and outlook for the new year. Letter to business partners.

Dear business partners,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the management, our employees and shareholders for your trust and support.

I hope you had a good start to 2019.

For us, it starts as usual with important events that show us the current trends for this year. At the CES in Las Vegas, we saw that networking in buildings and digital services are no longer the business of the future, but have long since become the business of the present.

At the annual Handelsblatt Energy Summit in Berlin, it was clear to see that new technologies and changing consumer behavior have already triggered massive changes at many energy suppliers. Many CEOs are currently worried about this. Essentially, the question is how they can position themselves to benefit from these market developments in the age of Google, Amazon and co. on the one hand and large energy companies from Germany and abroad on the other. This also includes translating the new business models into volume and EBIT. Some companies simply do not have an answer to this yet. After all, innovations have to pay off. That's why conferences like this one make a valuable contribution to the solution through the numerous discussions with industry insiders.

The next opportunity for a personal exchange with us will be at E-world in Essen. This year, we have put together a very special program for the energy and municipal sector. Here we will be presenting our holistic Connected Home & Energy IoT platform for new digital sales products:

  • ‍ConnectedHome as a central and independent operating system for the living area
  • ‍Energy transparency through connection to digital metering systems (electricity, water, gas, heat, etc.)
  • ‍Optimization of self-consumption (photovoltaics & battery storage)
  • ‍Networkedcharging at home (electromobility)
  • ‍Communities for buildings, neighborhoods & regions (services as a business model)
  • ‍Smartbusiness solutions for commercial customers (better processes and efficiency)

One of the new focal points will be our "Digital Service Platform for the Housing Industry" :

We have restructured and expanded our services specifically for this exciting target group. For example, we offer many new functions for tenants, owners, managers and their service providers via this service platform. We have also entered into new Connect partnerships to serve this target group precisely. This opens up new opportunities for innovative and digital property management (More... ).

For us, this year is no longer just about connecting devices and applications. Instead, the focus is on how we can use IoT technology to better connect companies with their customers in order to build a deeper relationship. To this end, we have made it our goal to create an experiential service world for end customers - whether tenants or homeowners - so that our partners can position new business models.

If you see potential here for your company, I would be delighted to talk to you - also in person.

Yours sincerely

Y. Sirmasac


Our vision - "Connecting THINGS in Life" (Video from the Ecosummit in Berlin)

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