ROCKETHOME & Implenia - digital & climate-friendly real estate

ROCKETHOME meets Implenia: Two companies - one version: developing digital and climate-friendly solutions for future-proof real estate products.

The time has finally come. Based on the companies' previous collaboration, an innovation and development partnership has been concluded for the coming years. In this way, two partners are pooling their expertise to make real estate more digital and climate-friendly.


‍Creatingmore together to develop future-proof real estate products. The aim is to build a shared ecosystem of solutions, technologies and partners that offers added value for people and the environment.

We are very pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Implenia for the development of a digital component for future-proof real estate products.

The approach

‍Thejoint platform will combine climate technology with digitalization and holistic, digital real estate management. With ROCKETHOME, Implenia is pursuing the goal of achieving climate-friendly living, working and living in all asset classes. The digital component is intended to increase the value of the company's own properties, give it a competitive edge in acquisitions and sales, meet climate requirements and open up new business models. The focus is also on developing new business models for Implenia's customers.

The focus is on people

‍Theproductization of a property requires a deep understanding of customer needs and a continuous dialogue with property owners, operators and end users. Not only during the design or execution phase, but especially during the operational phase. Implenia sees the digitalization of real estate as an opportunity to integrate the customer perspective more closely into product development and to offer a portfolio of innovative services with optimized benefits for real estate operators and residents.

ROCKETHOME is the technology partner to implement this idea and thus make real estate future-proof. As the market leader, we combine unique product expertise in the areas of IoT and building networking, climate technology, user experience and innovative business models.

ROCKETHOME and Implenia look forward to working together to develop solutions that simplify and improve customers' lives.

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