Smart Access - efficient, flexible and secure real estate

ROCKETHOME Smart Access solutions provide digital control over access points in the building - building entrance, apartment door, common areas or garage door.

The demand for smart access products is growing rapidly, as smart access solutions are far ahead of conventional access solutions - they are fast, versatile and cheaper compared to traditional keys and the necessary duplication of these. This is also underlined by the current working aid (91) from the GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies on digital locking systems, particularly in relation to apartment buildings (GdW Guideline 91).

Whether in the home, office or gym - they are replacing traditional keys everywhere. But what are the advantages of this technology, where and how are they used and how secure are digital locking systems? We answer the most important questions.

All advantages at a glance
  • Keyless living experiences for tenants
  • Locking solutions for doors, gates and driveways
  • Optimized processes for building access and letting
  • More security compared to conventional access points
  • A future-proof system for all users
  • An IoT platform with many functions and services

Digital access management in all areas of life

ROCKETHOME Smart Access solutions offer users digital control over access points throughout the building - whether it's the building entrance, apartment door, communal areas or garage door.

  • For example, the digital key makes it easier to hand over keys when changing apartments and enables simple access control for short-term rentals or vacation homes.
  • Flexibly configurable accesses can be used for companies or other working groups. This means that tradespeople or janitors can be granted access for short periods and then withdrawn again at any time.

Smart Access can be managed securely and conveniently using smartphones (Android® and iOS®) and the associated platform, the Property Manager. The cylinder is opened using an app via Bluetooth® wireless technology. This is also possible with the help of transponders or access cards.‍

Our digital ecosystem offers you:

  • Optimized processes for all aspects of building access and letting.
  • more security compared to conventional access points.
  • a future-proof system.
  • In addition, you have access to our ecosystem with many functions and other services, such as a climate dashboard and a digital marketplace.

You can find out more about the "Digital front door as a 'door opener' to the service world for residents" here:
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Safe and certified

Digital access systems offer increased security by monitoring and controlling access without a physical key. Individual access points can be set up and access rights can be granted and withdrawn digitally, which also makes administration easier. The use of Bluetooth allows access only via the connected device on site and AES-128 bit encryption protects against unauthorized access. Secure communication between the app and cylinder is even possible in the event of a power failure, as no network is required.

And now it's your turn!

What advantages do you have as a project developer or manager?

  • Increased efficiency and therefore increased value of your property
  • Fast, simple and digital management of buildings and systems
  • Save time and money with digital keys

Would you like more information and find out about your benefits? Download our Smart Access brochure here.

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Our service from ROCKETHOME:

  • plan: Planning and selection of suitable hardware, coordination of features, procurement and delivery of hardware
  • build: Installation by access partner, commissioning of the software
  • operate: Operation of the solution in the data center, maintenance of hardware and software, support of employees, support of end customers

Our experts at ROCKETHOME can help you with your smart access projects. Get in touch with us.

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