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Anonymity prevails in many residential areas. We asked ourselves the question: How can we strengthen the social aspect in residential areas and make living more attractive?

A current challenge facing residential areas in cities is social isolation. Anonymity prevails in many neighborhoods. Neighbors hardly know each other and social cohesion is weak. Together with Living IB, Vonovia's subsidiary, we asked ourselves the question: How can we strengthen the social aspect in residential neighborhoods and make living more attractive? The answer was to develop a digital solution that makes everyday life easier for residents and promotes social cohesion: The Habilio app!

The idea: a multifunctional neighborhood app

The Habilio app is intended to be much more than just another digital service. It is intended to become a constant companion in residents' everyday lives by bundling a wide range of services and promoting communication with one another. Together, we developed app content that meets precisely these requirements:

  • Service offers: Household assistance, laundry and shopping help, tutoring and gym discounts.
  • Attractive deals: local offers and discounts that enrich life in the neighborhood.
  • Tenant:interior communication: A digital bulletin board, secure document storage and simple communication with the property management.
  • Smart System Integration: Energy-efficient solutions such as the Smart Heating System or digital services such as digital locking solutions.

The implementation: From the idea to the app

To develop the Habilio app, the ROCKETHOME and Living IB team took an agile approach:

  1. Collaborative concept development: The app concept was developed in several workshops.
  2. Creating personas: Various user profiles were developed to understand the needs of residents.
  3. Prototyping: A first proof of concept (POC) was created by the ROCKETHOME development team within a few weeks.
  4. Iterative improvements: Continuous improvements and bug fixes were made through rapid user testing.

The result: an app that makes everyday life easier

Habilio is a platform developed by the housing industry for the housing industry. It covers the areas of tenant communication, the connection of IoT modules such as smart systems, access solutions, thermostats and charging infrastructure, as well as services relating to housing and living for tenants. The platform can be managed by landlords via the Habilio Property Manager, which integrates apps, IoT modules and users.

The Habilio app impresses with its user-friendliness and the central function of discovering attractive deals. It offers:

  • Document and communication platform: Simple communication with property management and secure document storage (ROCKETHOME Property Manager).
  • ‍Service offers: Assistance with household chores and laundry, shopping help, tutoring and gym discounts (ROCKETHOME app, white label).‍
  • Smart System Integration: In times of energy crisis, ROCKETHOME's Smart Heating System enables residents to save energy and reduce their heating costs. Furthermore, digital access solutions or offers for charging infrastructure offer opportunities and greater efficiency (ROCKETHOME app, white label).
"The collaboration with Vonovia (Living IB) was extremely enriching for us as a technology partner. Lorem ipsum dolor" explains Stefan Stangenberg, project manager at ROCKETHOME.

The integration of all three ROCKETHOME pillars

At ROCKETHOME, we have set ourselves the goal of equipping buildings and neighborhoods to be climate-efficient, digital and social. Our products are divided into three pillars: Climate, Digital, Social. Habilio seamlessly integrates products from all three pillars that improve the digital and social lives of residents:

  • SOCIAL: Tenant:inside, digital forms, bulletin board, document storage, marketplace and e-commerce, common room control.
  • CLIMATE: Smart heating and charging infrastructure to save energy.
  • DIGITAL: Digital locking systems and near-field mobility.


The Habilio app shows how digitalization can improve the quality of life in residential areas. It strengthens social cohesion, offers practical solutions for everyday life and helps residents to live in an energy-efficient way. With the Habilio app, Habilio has taken a major step towards a sustainable real estate industry.

"In just a few months, we have developed a platform that can offer tenants real added value. That makes me proud and shows that long processes slow things down. Our agile way of working has helped enormously." Patrick Himmes, Project Management Living IB

Project participants

  • Overall project management: ?
  • Project management Living IB: Patrick Himmes
  • Project management ROCKETHOME: Stefan Stangenberg
  • Pilot project: Quartier Bochum Weitmar

Living IB / Vonovia: LIB is the innovation-driving subsidiary of Vonovia. Vonovia is Germany's and Europe's leading real estate company. The company owns and manages around 550,000 apartments nationwide and is therefore responsible for around one million people who live with Vonovia. With good, affordable housing and a customer-oriented housing service, Vonovia creates the conditions for sustainable, successful corporate development.

Are you also interested in digitizing your building? Then please write to us here.

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